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Agenda Barcelona Meeting

Barcelona LABMAQUAL meeting

23-25 May 2002


Conference venue:

Universitat de Barcelona (so not at the CIREM premises)

Campus de la Vall d’Hebron

Edifici Migdia-ICE (Institut Cičnces de l’Educació)

Aula Magna

Passeig de la Val d’Hebron 171  




Thursday, 23 th of May


14.30 hrs     opening and introduction of the partners (and possibly other people present)


15.00 hrs    . presentation of comparative analysis of NL, F, UK, D and E

. with respect to quality assurance and labour market involvement in

                     vocationally/professionally oriented higher education

                   . by the coordinators, if necessary supported by the national researchers


16.00 hrs     coffee break


16.15 hrs     further clarifications


16.30 hrs     discussion about the comparative results by the complete partnership


18.00 hrs     closure                    


20.30 hrs     diner


Friday, 24 th of May


09.45 hrs     introduction into the case studies,

                    followed by presentations of the national researchers / research teams


10.00 hrs     the United Kingdom cases (incl. time for clarifications)


10.35 hrs     the German cases (incl. time for clarifications)


11.10 hrs     break


11.30 hrs     the Spanish cases (incl. time for clarifications)


12.05 hrs     the French cases (incl. time for clarifications)


12.40 hrs     the Dutch cases (incl. time for clarifications)


13.15 hrs     lunch


15.00 hrs    discussion about case study results and the comparative country analysis by the complete partnership


17.00 hrs     further steps in the project


17.15 hrs     inventarisation of ideas for dissemination and implementation


18.00 hrs     closure


Only the research teams will meet on thursday morning, the 23 th, at 12.00 hrs till 13.00 hrs, in order to prepare the thursday afternoon and friday meeting.

Only the research teams will meet on saturday morning, the 25 th, from 10.00 till 12.30 hrs, in order to discuss the further steps of the work programme and administrative issues.


The third meeting was a plenary meeting where for the first time the complete partnership was invited. Two partners had to apologize because they had to attend the GATS conference in Washington at the same time.

The meeting in Barcelona in May 2002 started with a short meeting of only the research partners in order to prepare the plenary meeting.

- a. after a word of welcome of the director of CIREM and the coordinators the plenary meeting started with an introduction of all the participants

- b. the coordinators presented a revised comparative analysis in which they took into account the information received in the bilateral discussions with the research partners. Their presentation was supplemented by the national researchers, if necessary, and discussed plenary.

- c. every research partner  presented special features of one or more of the draft case studies that had been conducted (presentation is tape-recorded). Questions were clarified. It was agreed that the coordinators and the research partners again will bilaterally discuss the case study results in detail after the case study reports are all completed.

- d. plenary discussion about the draft case study results and the comparative analysis

- e. further steps in the project have been explained for the non-research partners

- f. the preparation of the survey research has been discussed. At special request of OFIPE the coordinators had already made a draft questionnaire for the survey. This has been discussed deeply by the partners, especially in view of their national context. It was agreed upon that the coordinators would adapt the content of the questionnaire as soon as possible with the input of the discussion, in order to enable OFIPE to start with the survey in France. For the other research partners time was not pressing that much, because the survey had originally been planned for the months of October and November. 

- g. organisational and financial aspects have been explained and discussed. The coordinators informed the partners again about what is needed for the interim report.

- h. the preparation of the national workshops / confrences in 2003 was put into attention

- i. the planning of the next plenary meeting has been changed from april 2003 to january 2003.